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Who is Valery Kuleshov? Was the pro Russian blogger shot dead?

Who is Valery Kuleshov? Was the pro Russian blogger shot dead? : The whole world knows that many people died in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. In the war between two countries, we cannot estimate exactly how many people were shot and how many lost their homes. But it is confirmed that a large number of people have lost their homes while countless people have been shot and killed and it is unclear how many people are registered and how many are unregistered. And now the same kind of case has arisen in which Valery Kuleshov was allegedly shot. Who is Valery Kuleshov? and where is he now? Many questions are there to be answered in this article. It is advisable to stick to this page and go down to the last word. Follow more updates at

Who is Valery Kuleshov?

According to reports, Valery Kuleshov is a Russian man whose RIP messages are shared on the internet. According to rumors, Valery was shot in Ukraine. This news is the same as that of the Russian generals who were shot during the war. As many people scour web pages to find out who Valery Kuleshov is. After following various reports, we learned that he was a Russian activist and blogger. Please see the following section to learn more about Valery Kuleshov.

Was Valery Kuleshov shot?

According to tribute posts circulating on social media, the aforementioned blogger was killed. Moreover, rumors also claimed that he was assassinated in Kherson. A local national body. Commander Nikita Tyutyunnik confirmed this news with the help of locals. Moreover, this news was also confirmed by the friends of the late Russian blogger. And we also learned that a Youtube video is also available on the web, which is said to be of the site where Valery Kuleshov was shot. Please take a look at the following division to read where and how he was killed.

According to reports, he was traveling in a gray Mazda when he was attacked. Moreover, when he was about to enter Shumen District, he was attacked by rifle bullets. Apparently the car he was driving was recovered with multiple gunshot damage. Valery Kuleshov regularly gave news updates from the field and did the job of a reporter in Kherson. But fortune chose something else for him and now he is no longer between us.