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Yadupriyam Mehta aka YPM, an inspiring generational travel and lifestyle blogger

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Updated: Monday, June 13, 2022, 4:39 PM [IST]

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His YPM Vlogs channel showcases his love for traveling on his superbikes and supercars through Indian cities and other countries.

These days, even more so for young people, everything revolves around overnight success. However, the real success stories are when individuals create their trips from scratch. Some youngsters took it too seriously which is why they were able to create a career of their choice in the industries of their choice, just like Yadupriyam Mehta who is known for his YouTube channel YPM Vlogs. This young man is all about his love and passion for creating compelling social media content and travel videos featuring his superbikes and supercars, which he owns as a guy in his early twenties. .

Yadupriyam Mehta aka YPM, an inspiring generational travel and lifestyle blogger

YPM Vlogs is his YouTube channel which now has 1.45 million subscribers and has achieved over 357 million views on his videos collectively. Yadupriyam Mehta recalls how it all started for him in 2011, when he posted his first video on YouTube, having no idea what he would do next. After making a few videos about bikes, Diwali crackers and unboxing toys, one of his Diwali cracker videos went viral in just 24 hours. Gradually, he started to focus his energy on making more useful, informative, and entertaining videos, and that’s how he became a lifestyle vlogger.

Owning superbikes like Harley Street 750 and the fastest superbike in the world, Kawasaki Ninja H2 has increased his passion for creating motovlogs, becoming the youngest to date to own these fastest “toys”. Traveling to places like Pakistan for vlogging at LOC, taking his first trip to Thailand and second trip to Dubai, and making viral videos have all become part of his job, which he loves every day and makes sure to visit many more places on his super vehicles and create motorcycle content that can captivate the audience and keep them hooked on their channel.

Yadupriyam Mehta has really crossed boundaries with his work as a vlogger and aims to do so much more. In the meantime, follow him on Instagram @ypmvlogs and subscribe to his YPM Vlogs YouTube channel,